Meet Our Founder - Mikaela Smith

I wanted to create a safe community where people can come together and socialise. As I have got older and maybe wiser, having other people as support, whether its work, social or for parenting advice, has been a vital part of my well-being. 

Being a wife, mum to 3 boys and business owner, I know all too well how chaotic life can be, and I'm very guilty of putting my needs last. 

We can all get so caught up in our busy lives that we forget to relax, recharge and do something for ourselves.

Now more than ever in this crazy world we are living in, we need to support each other, be social and enjoy 'Me Time'.

I see a lot of mainly women asking on socials how to make friends. I thought about doing something like this for quite a long time. I'm a believer in signs showing me the way, so after a few big signs, I knew it was time to get it started. 

Whether you are looking to make some new friends or get your existing group of friends together, everyone is welcome to come and enjoy our Social Events.

I truly believe you should surround yourself with people who enable you, support you and want to be around YOU! Mikaela Photo